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She’s So Smitten is where moms just like you will find clever gift guides for your family, creative tips to help you get more done in less time, and even learn how to create an income from home.

I call them time-savers and money-makers.

From the most swoon-worthy lifestyle finds for savvy moms like you to the most productive life, blog + business advice for women… You’ll find that She’s So Smitten covers the best of it all to help save you time. Mom life can get hectic, so I’ll share some clever tips, products and hacks to help you keep your sanity (you’ll need it for the teenage years).

From trendy must-have product tips to birthday and holiday gift guides that will save you serious scrolling time on Amazon (we’ve all been there, right?), you’ll discover some tried-and-true time-savers as well as some creative money-makers that savvy moms like you need to know…

I love to share what has me swooning, and I hope you’ll be smitten too. 💛


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A little about She

I’m Jill Clark and as a married, at-home mom of three school-age children, my days alternate between really busy and absolutely crazy. My husband is a real estate developer and travels often for work projects. I like to schedule my week to be my most productive while he’s traveling, so we can have fun family time together on our “off” days with our three kids and two dogs (a labrador retriever and a toy Yorkie, hence the frequent BarkBoxes at our house).

I was born and raised in Athens, Georgia (go dawgs!) and I currently live deep in the heart of Texas, in San Antonio. I love tacos (who doesn’t?) and Snickers (always the first thing confiscated from my kids’ Halloween candy hauls).

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Have questions or special requests? Email me at info@shessosmitten.com anytime. I’m so glad you’re here to join me for this never-dull wonderful ride at She’s So Smitten.

xoxo - Jill Clark | ShesSoSmitten.com

Jill Clark & family | ShesSoSmitten.com


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