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5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog this Year

A new year means a fresh, new perspective.

Every new year, we reassess our lives and plan for what we’d like to do differently, and what new opportunities or experiences we’d like to try in the coming year. In the past year, there has been a significant rise in blogging as both a hobby and as a business in the online world. If you’re looking for a way to express your creative side, while earning an income, you could embark on a fulfilling adventure this year by starting your own blog.

Whether you realize it or not, you have a unique perspective on life. Your past experiences, family history, education and interests all provide you with your own understanding and appreciation of how life works. By starting a blog, you can share your thoughts and experiences into a compelling story or profitable business using the power of the Internet. (Yes, I said profitable!) This is your chance to ignite your creativity and express yourself with a blog. This year, this month, this week is the perfect time to take that leap… and get started with that blog you’ve already been thinking about.

There are tremendous opportunities online for creating a side income or even multiple streams of income using a blog or website geared toward your interests, knowledge or passion. You can easily build a blog that works for you. Throughout the past few years, blogs have gained so much popularity and momentum through social media sites (like Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin) that some bloggers are making $100,000+ per year. And with the right blog know-how, there’s no reason why you can’t do it too.

If you’re not convinced, let me give you 5 reasons why you start a blog (like today)…


5 Reasons to Start Blog this Year |


5 Reasons why YOU should start a blog this year


1. It’s simple to start. You can be up and running quickly.

In less than an hour, you can have your blog’s website domain name purchased and your blogging software installed and ready to use. You can begin writing posts about your interests, knowledge or passion within minutes. You can snap photos with your camera or mobile phone to easily add to your blog posts and pages. And you can set up your social media accounts for your blog (or you) in less than an hour to share and promote what you’re writing about on your blog.

Start after breakfast, and be up and blogging before lunch. You certainly can’t open a traditional brick-and-mortar business that quickly.

5 Reasons to Start a Blog |

2. You can start your blog for less than $25.

To get your blog up and running, you’ll have two initial expenses: a domain name where readers can find you (your address), and a monthly website hosting plan for your blog (like paying internet rent for your online space).

Domain names can be purchased for as little as $2.99, but can range much higher for popular keywords. So brainstorm a few alternates if your ideal blog name is taken. Web hosting plans can begin around $6.00 per month, and some will include basic email forwarding to your personal email address (meaning can forward instantly to

Your social media accounts are all free to set up and you’ll only need a round or square profile photo. Wide cover photos are also used on Facebook Pages & Twitter accounts. Snap those photos easily with your mobile phone and easily update them later.

Blogging tools and classes are available online and many of those simple strategies can be implemented immediately to gain traction and new readers for your new blog.


5 Reasons to Start a Blog |

3. You can make money from day one, with an unlimited earning potential.

Yes, I said unlimited earning potential. Have I got your attention yet?

It’s said that to be successful, you should diversify your income. I’ve also heard it proposed that everyone should have at least 7 streams of income. You can achieve that with just one blog.

Unbelievable? Nope. ***Unlimited.***

With your blog, you can sell products you create (physical products or digital products, like ebooks or courses) or sell services you provide (like counseling, coaching, mentoring etc.). You can also link to others’ products or services as an affiliate to earn a commission for the referral. These are the *most common* ways to earn money online as a blogger. However, you can diversify even more by adding in a few other streams of income.

You can build up your audience and become an influencer by reviewing products in exchange for samples or compensation through Influenster. You can even take paid surveys online or watch videos to earn gift cards through Swagbucks. Earn a little of your own money back by using browser extensions like Honey or iGive, which will send you a check as cash-back for your online shopping (purchases you’d be making anyway).

The potential for making money is definitely there. You’ll just need to choose what will incorporate well into your blog’s topic or niche and what you have time to pursue. The more effort you put into any of these opportunities, the greater your income will be.

5 Reasons to Start a Blog |

4. You can blog from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

Picture this… You’re sitting in the carpool line to pick up your kids and inspiration strikes. Blog about it.

You’re killing time during your daughter’s 2-hour volleyball practice by adding some affiliate links in your blog posts.

You have 17 errands to run on Saturday, but your blog is still able to generate sales for your new ebook you uploaded last night. Ka-ching.

The power and freedom in creating a website or blog that can do the marketing and selling for you while you’re spending time doing things with your family is immeasurable. The time freedom you can generate by creating a product once and selling it over and over again online is so valuable that it can’t be measured.  You can literally work from anywhere, if you’re traveling, if you’re home sick, if you’re waiting between your kids’ activities after school.

When your business is 100% online, you have unlimited location freedom and can live anywhere you want, without it affecting your business and blog. Now that’s impressive (and pretty tempting).


5 Reasons to Start a Blog |

5. You can reach a worldwide audience via social media.

Gone are the days when you concentrated your marketing efforts solely on a local audience and referrals of friends of friends. With your blog and social media accounts, you can now reach a global audience of readers and followers with the same interests and passions as you. You can use your strategically-worded blog posts and profile bios to attract your ideal clients and customers to you with ease by using helpful software from Hootsuite (one of our faves).

Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of Hootsuite Pro, the ultimate social media dashboard. Hootsuite’s unique social media dashboard allows bloggers like you to manage multiple social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), engage and identify your audience and analyze your social media stats. Grab your free trial here.

Share your knowledge and passion for your hobby, career, location, or other interests with people all over the world with just a few clicks. Use social media to spread the word and be ready for readers to find you from places you least expect. Your reach can be infinitely broad and span generations of people worldwide. Speak to your ideal audience and they will seek you out.

All you have to do is get started. Let’s do this.


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This post contains affiliate links to products that have me truly smitten. As a participant in the Amazon Associates program, I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own. [disclosure]

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