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How I save money on Amazon (and elsewhere online)

We are serious Amazon shoppers around here, I’m not going to lie.

Amazon is our go-to price-checker, ratings researcher, and late-night obsession. I mean, who knew their Interesting Finds feed could be so addictive? Am I right?

If you’re an Amazon-addict too and you think you’re getting the best price, you may be surprised to learn that you’re NOT. Until now…

Shop & save with Honey |

Meet Honey.

Now if you know me, you know that…  online shopping + coupon = happy clap.  💛


Honey is a new browser extension that finds the best prices and coupons online and automatically adds them to your cart to get you the best deal. Say whaaat? Oh yes, you heard me right.

It works on tons of online retailers, including Target, Walmart and yes even Amazon (who is know for generally NOT offering coupons) to find the lowest price from the best seller. Honey has found deals online at Etsy, Gilt, Tory Burch, Pizza Hut, Bath & Body Works and Walgreens… and more. #cuetheanglessinging

Shop & save with Honey |

Get started with Honey here —> [ref]  (it’s free!)


I was totally excited to click *INSTALL* and start clicking *add to cart*. I searched for a best-selling movie, The Secret Life of Pets, and Honey instantly alerted me that I could find the same title available for less (even with shipping).

Be sure to check your delivery dates and shipping rates, because while most deals are even more awesome with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, as much as I love it, Prime isn’t always cheaper (it’s just faster).

But with the money I’ve saved with Honey, a few extra days for shipping is no big deal. #winning


It’s basically free money.  — Time Magazine


Get started with Honey today at!


Here’s 4 reasons why you should start using Honey for your online shopping (and late-night Amazon browsing)…

You’ll get the best prices on Amazon. Honey compares prices and finds savings on Amazon and shows you the lowest price of ALL the sellers. It’s comparison shopping at its best (and fastest). Learn more here.

You’ll save money AND earn cash back. You’ll get “paid to shop” is what that means. You can receive a cash bonus for things you were going to buy anyway. This is HUGE! Learn more about installing Honey here.

You’ll save on millions of products at hundreds of retailers. Wherever you shop online, whatever product you buy… Honey will try their best to find the coupon code for you. That’s like a personal shopper constantly searching for the best price for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Get the Honey browser extension here.

You have SO many sites to choose from. From clothes to pizza, you’ll automatically pay less for the things you’re already buying online. #pizzasonme



Join Honey |

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Start saving money with Honey today at!




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